Children's Dental Services in Calgary NE

Caring for the Growing Smiles of Calgary Kids

Children's dental care in Calgary NE, just like that of adults, is very important for a healthy smile. At Tower Dental Clinic in Calgary, our team of professionals provide gentle dental care specially designed for the unique needs of children.

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Child-Focused Care

You and your child will be welcomed by our friendly staff when you arrive at our office. Our reception area is stocked with books and toys to keep little ones busy while they wait for their appointment.

Your child's hygienist and dentist will talk to your child about their dental health in language they understand, taking the time to answer any questions your child may have.

We will explain what we are doing and why at every step, so there are no surprises, and we will be sure to go at a pace your child is comfortable with.

At Tower Dental Clinic, our team of dental professionals understands that creating a safe, comfortable dental experience is important for children. Enjoying their visits to the dentist mean children will continue to protect their dental health well into their adult years.

Children's Services, Calgary Dentist

Your Child's First Visit

It is recommended that children see the dentist by the time they celebrate their first birthday. This allows our dentists to monitor their development and address any potential issues in the early stages. A child's primary teeth need to be healthy with normal development as they set the stage for the later development of permanent teeth.

Children's Services, Calgary Dentist

Services for Children

Tower Dental Clinic provides the following dental treatments for children:

Checkups & Cleanings

Children should visit the dentist every 6 months for a regular cleaning and checkup. These visits allow the dentist to monitor their developing teeth and take proactive measures against any issues early in the process. Regular visits to the dentist are just as essential for children as they are for adults.

Monitoring Changes in Baby Teeth

In order for children to chew their food and speak properly, they need primary (baby) teeth. These baby teeth also act as a guide for their permanent teeth when they begin to come in and are an important part of a child's healthy oral development.

Our dentists recommend that a child sees the dentist for their first visit by the time they are 12 months of age.

By visiting the dentist regularly when your child is young, you will help to keep their teeth healthy until they are ready to fall out naturally and be replaced by their adult teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is helpful in the prevention of tooth decay. At Tower Dental Clinic, we provide fluoride treatments to resist cavities and decay and help keep children's teeth strong.

The process of applying fluoride treatment is quick, making it easier for children. Fluoride may be available in either a solution, gel, foam, or varnish.

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Dental Fillings

Despite their best efforts of maintaining good oral hygiene habits, children may sometimes develop cavities. Treating cavities in children is very similar to that of adults. Preserving healthy teeth is the most important goal, so your dentist will  remove the decayed material that is causing the cavity in their primary tooth and fill it with a dental filling. At Tower Dental Clinic, we offer composite (white) fillings.

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Dental Sealants

Our dental office provides sealants to children to help protect their teeth and prevent cavities from forming. Dental sealants are applied to the molars and premolars as these teeth have deep fissures, making it more likely that material could get lodged and not cleaned properly with brushing. Sealants act as a coating or cover for teeth, helping to prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Your dentist will spend time during each check up appointment monitoring and evaluating your child's teeth for any potential issues that may be developing. Misalignments that are detected early can often be treated with less invasive orthodontic solutions, possibly eliminating the need for further treatment when your child is older.

Oral Hygiene Guidance

During each visit, your child's dentist or hygienist will review proper oral hygiene techniques with them to be sure every tooth is getting the proper care at home. Brushing and flossing instructions will be discussed, and other supplementary hygiene aids may be suggested to ensure the best dental care possible for your child's growing teeth. At Tower Dental Clinic, we strongly believe that prevention is the key to good oral health and a long-lasting smile.

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