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What is a dental emergency?

You should contact our office right away if you're unsure if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Below, we've identified some common conditions that are dental emergencies and should be treated as soon as possible.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

If possible, try to find the lost or broken fillings or crowns. If found, rinse it well and try to place it back on your tooth. Call our office as soon as you can to set up an appointment to have it properly repaired.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Attempt to find any broken or chipped pieces of your tooth so that you can bring it with you to your appointment. Your dentist will do their best to reattach it. Be sure to call our office to see a dentist as soon as possible, regardless of whether you were able to find the piece or not, so it can be corrected.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Always attempt to find your tooth if it gets knocked out. If you are successful in finding it, be sure to rinse it off and try to re-insert it into the tooth socket by biting gently down on the tooth after it's in place. If you are unable to replace it into the socket, keep the tooth moist in a glass of milk or by holding it in your mouth until you're able to get to our office.

Call ahead if possible, but make sure you come to our clinic as soon as you can. The sooner you can be treated after a tooth is knocked out, the better the chances are that your dentist will be able to save your tooth.

Extreme Swelling 

Any moderate to severe swelling in your mouth, face, or neck areas that cause breathing or swallowing difficulties need to be seen immediately. Call our office as soon as you can. Your dentist will examine the swelling and recommend the best treatment for the cause.

Gum & Mouth Pain

Gum pain can be caused by many issues, such as injury, disease or infection. Even small injuries to the extremely sensitive soft gum tissue in your mouth can be unexpectedly painful. 

When you're experiencing gum or mouth pain, the earlier you can get to our dental office the better, so our dentists can determine the cause of your gum pain and begin treatment to ease your pain.

Jaw Pain

Regular jaw pain can be a sign of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), a common jaw joint disorder. TMD can lead to a number of ailments If left untreated, including chronic pain and headaches, bone loss, loose teeth and gum tissue changes.

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