Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Our Calgary dentists may perform a bone graft or sinus lift procedure prior to dental implant surgery.

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What is a bone graft?

You may be recommended to have a bone graft procedure if your dentist determines that your jaw bone won't be able to support a dental implant.

The material for a bone graft can come from shavings of your own bone (typically taken from an area near your wisdom teeth), or using sterilized bone granules. Your dentist will use this material to fill the area where the implant will be placed.

This procedure takes some time for healing and new bone growth before the dental implant surgery can be done.

Sinus lifts

Sinus lifts are a type of bone graft used when there isn't enough bone available in the upper jaw area (under your sinuses) to support dental implants.

A sinus lift gets its name from the way the sinus membrane needs to be lifted or moved forward to create room for the new bone.

This is necessary as the upper back jaw area is difficult to reach.

Your dentist will be able to proceed with dental implant surgery after your bone has had time to heal and regenerate.

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