Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Calgary

At Tower Dental Clinic in Calgary, our dentists can perform tooth extractions for wisdom teeth or teeth with extensive damage.

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Tooth Extractions, Calgary Dentist

What are Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction is the surgical removal of a tooth. Extractions are only performed when the damaged tooth or teeth threatens the overall health of your mouth.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort and pain through tooth crowding, growing at an angle, partially emerging or becoming impacted. In these situations, extraction is the best way to maintain your oral health.

Teeth with Extensive Damage

If possible, your dentist will make every attempt to save the tooth. However, in instances of significant injury, severe decay, or gum disease, extraction can be necessary.

Your dentist will review your options for tooth replacement, including dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures. Additional options can include bone grafting and dental implants.

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